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Together for a trillion trees: collaborating with Plant for the Planet on a new campaign

Submitted by wacantello on Mon, 07/09/2018 - 16:53

Together for a trillion trees: collaborating with Plant for the Planet on a new campaign

Monte carlo, Monaco (March 9, 2018)- Protecting and restoring a trillion trees is an enormous job, one that will need the whole global community to join forces. Fortunately, we are not alone in pursuing this vision. The Trillion Trees partners - BirdLife International, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and WWF - are proud to be cooperating with the German charity Plant for the Planet in the launch of the Trillion Trees Campaign, today in Monaco.

The launch is being celebrated at the PlantAhead event where NGOs, businesses and philanthropists will come together with some of Plant for the Planet’s inspiring global network of youth ambassadors. The event is hosted by Prince Albert II of Monaco, welcomes Patricia Espinosa – former foreign minister of Mexico and current executive secretary of the UN climate convention – and  The Gyalwang Drupka, the Spiritual Head of the Drupka Lineage of Buddhists,among others.

Representing Trillion Trees at the event, Patricia Zurita, CEO of BirdLife International, has said "From small seeds grow mighty trees, and together we’re sowing the seeds for a future where forests and trees continue to breathe life into our planet."

The campaign aims to mobilise action from all sectors of society to plant and protect a trillion trees worldwide. In recognition of our shared vision, the Trillion Trees partnership will pledge to the campaign three flagship initiatives in Rwanda, Colombia and Indonesia. Each of these involves local communities, governments and businesses in efforts to restore critical, wildlife rich landscapes and ensure sustainable livelihoods. We hope this is the start of a much wider collaboration with Plant for the Planet.

Tom Evans, Director of forest conservation and REDD+ at WCS, said “To deliver on our shared Trillion Trees vision, we must plant trees, and enable forests to regrow. Crucially, we must also protect the trees and forests that exist now, today, and tackle what threatens them - logging, fires, clearance and many other threats.

“Our mission is to find those people on the ground who have great plans to protect and plant trees, support them, and connect them with those who have the resources to invest in making these plans real.”

Plant for the Planet is a global movement with the goal to fight the climate crisis by planting and protecting trees around the world. Born out of a simple school project, the organisation, led by youth activist Felix Finkbeiner, has been inspiring citizens, companies and governments to pledge to plant trees since 2011. With a growing worldwide network of youth members and ambassadors committed to tackling climate change, Plant for the Planet is resolved to mobilise the masses. To date Plant for the Planet has catalysed pledges to plant over 15 billion trees.

The three Trillion Trees partners are working towards a world where global tree cover is rising, reversing current declines. In part we will do this by supporting practical, large-scale landscape protection and restoration initiatives around the world, and helping them to secure the finance they need to achieve true, lasting impact. The partnership began in 2017.

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