One trillion trees re-grown, saved from loss and better protected around the world by 2050.

The Trillion Trees Vision

© Ferry R Tan / Picfair
© Ferry R Tan / Picfair

Joint action with Daily Mirror

Mirror's Million Trees Campaign
WCS Makira transplantation

Trillion Trees is joining with the Daily Mirror for the Mirror’s Million Trees campaign, where they are calling on readers to help raise funds to plant a million trees in East Africa and the Amazon. The joint initiative was announced on 14 November 2019, and will continue for the next five years. Countries of focus include Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Peru, and Columbia.

“These are vital habitats we are helping to restore, and it is so important with our global challenge of biodiversity loss and climate change we can do something positive. It is critical we protect the forests of the world and Trillion Trees is helping to protect and put back trees in our landscapes to restore the balance with nature,” said Stuart Dainton, Head of Trillion Trees for WWF-UK.

To donate:

Text TREE to 70123 to donate £3 to help plant a tree in Peru, Madagascar or Tanzania. If you have any questions about your gift, call +44 01483 426333
Text TREES to 70607 to donate £10 to help plant two trees – one in Africa and one in the Amazon. If you have any questions about your gift, call +44 01483 426333

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