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A Partnership for Trees

An oak woodland in spring in ambleside

The Trillion Trees partners share a vision for a world with large, healthy forests and thriving rural communities. We are proud of our accomplishments to date both on the ground and in raising the profile of forest conservation globally, yet we aspire to achieve much more.

The Trillion Trees vision raises our collective ambition and looks beyond a “zero deforestation” future to one where forests and trees are returning on a grand scale.

We each bring to the partnership well-established global networks of conservation programmes and partners, active in over 120 countries throughout the world. Each of us works directly through our own teams as well through numerous national conservation organisations and supportive government agencies. We represent a globally significant network of experts, supporters, ambassadors and partners for conservation.

We are able to combine our reach, our resources, and our decades of expertise to aim higher and to achieve more – in specific landscapes as well as at a global level – and to share the lessons we learn about the pathways to success. Trillion Trees provides a platform through which our organisations can have a stronger, more persuasive voice together than we would individually.


Extraordinary global reach

Together we can:

  • Pursue direct forest conservation and restoration in key areas for biodiversity.
  • Promote practices in agricultural landscapes that incorporate conservation, and that make production more sustainable and livelihoods more resilient to climate change.
  • Catalyse new, large scale, nationally and globally significant investments in forest conservation.
  • Document and share proof of concept and learning to overcome the obstacles to scaling up.
  • Foster a global conversation about the need to protect and restore trees and forests.
  • Advocate for policies that support transformative work, and inspire ambitious, long-term goals for enhancing tree cover.


Work with us

Solving the loss of trees is a huge undertaking; we see ourselves as one part of a global effort. The Trillion Trees vision requires commitment and action from governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations, communities, and individuals all across the world. Through alignment and partnership with others working on forest conservation and sustainability we promote the vision, implement projects that make major contributions to it, and help others do the same.

Case Study: Payments for results in the rainforest of Madagascar

The Makira REDD+ project has mobilized over $2.5 million of conservation finance through sale of carbon credits, and benefitted 44,000 people in 62 community managed areas. The 360,000ha Makira National Park, managed by WCS on behalf of the government, protects some of the world’s most endangered primates and is surrounded by 250,000ha of community forests.  

The model supports better wildlife protection through community agreements, innovative benefit-sharing and investment in farming zones in the park periphery. The project’s environmental and social benefits are independently verified against globally accepted standards, and we are working to incorporate it into a broader program for the whole of Madagascar’s rainforests.